There are no secrets to Success
It is the result of Preparation,hardwork and learning from failure
-Colin Powell

Success is a combination of hardwork, dedication and perseverance. I would like to show what I have learnt over these many years, what I have achieved and what I have contributed.


  • Python
  • PHP
  • C++
  • C
  • JAVA
  • JS
  • Ruby



Most of the projects I have worked with are in Django. I have good knowledge of Django applications as well as its internals.


The first framework I started working with. You never forget the first ;)


Learnt Node.Js while learning about Javascript and the various frameworks associated with it

Meteor Js

My major project TARAS was built on the real time framework Meteor JS

Ruby On Rails

Learnt Ruby on Rails while working freelance for a couple of projects

Android Framework

Worked with Android application development while working with the Telengana Government.

 Major Projects

Project TARAS

Terrestrial Accident and Risk Avoidance System dealt with predicting and mitigating Road Accidents as quickly as possible

Conference Management

A college Conference Management Application to easily launch and conduct conferences in the college

Police Project

A project for the Telengana Police, in an effort to make service books digital

RFID Mess System

An RFID Mess System for tracking attendance and effectively plan while making food

Chatbot for GEAR Systems

A chatbot for tracking complaints from the GEAR System

Project Work

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